Young Frankenstein

Do you get it... do you get teh joke... it is funny because I am a child but I am saying grown up things ahuuhhuhuuhuhuhuuh

I used to cut full human sized pieces of construction paper out and then tape a bunch of construction paper organs and bones in it because I tought that was all it needed to be alive. I got pretty creative when it came to trying to figure out ways to get out of school. I think I stopped doing these after the first few times they didn't come to life due to the soul crushing disappointment of still having to go to school.

This was pretty much my exact thought process when creating things as a child. Even when it wasn't my intention for the thing to come to life, I would always think about what would happen if it did. Mostly I thought it would try to kill me to exact its revenge from having been created, so I would either quickly and quietly dispatch of the creation or live in constant fear of its awakening. Yeah I had a pretty normal childhood I'd say