The Slobberpuss

Those poor Ne'erdowells just cannot catch a break. Where are all these superpowered things coming from? It is almost like someone was writing them into existence, as if they were building up their own strange version of the Justice League. Not that I am doing such a thing. Why, that would be a silly. A team of superpowered misfits? HOW RIDICULOUS. Also can anyone tell that this is actually just the cat version of Tuxedo Mask, because that is exactly what this is. It is also based on a cat I met recently who did exactly this, but to innocent people like myself. Someone needs to give that cat the Uncle Ben speech.

STRIP SEARCH AIRS TODAY. I will post a link when a link exists, then you can all enjoy my face moving and talking, as well as similar actions from the faces of eleven extremely talented and wonderful people that I love with most of my heart. The other parts of my heart are reserved for more important things, such as the Magnificence of Cage. And cats.