Srsly Creepy Painting

So I painted this painting a while back and I haven't really had a problem with how creepy it is until I saw Mama, which legitimately scared me because Guillermo is a God among men. I don't scare easy. But Guillermo... oh, Guillermo. Someday we shall meet, my love, and you will understand that we were made for each other.

Creepy messages to Guillermo Del Toro aside, this painting gets even spookier when you turn off the lights, because there is just enough light in my room that you can see only the eyes and teeth.... watching. But I will never get rid of it because I love its creepiness. And also because what if this happened :C  But I feel like I watch enough horror movies that if I did manage to get caught up in one, I would be the hardest dame to kill. Come at me, ghost!

Here is a shitty webcam picture of the painting in question:

Always Watching