Saint Valentine: Masked Vigilante

This comci was originally going to be about Green Arrow and how his little mask is the silliest, but then I decided to be SUPER CREATIVE at the last second and made a superhero to add to my canon. So we have Saint Valentine: 70's porn star and rollerblading gold medalist by day, 70's themed rollerblading arrow-slinging hand of justice by night. AND NO ONE IS THE WISER. I wish I had put in a panel where you got to see his whole body, because he wears a banana hammock and rollerblades. I will put a whole body shot on my tumblr, to be posted here when it is completed.

Oh whoa here it is!

Also, I tried for SO LONG to figure out a pun-based name for him, but I just... I couldn't. If you guys think of one, send me it and I will slap my forehead in frustration for not having thought of it before I was done, and then commend you for your superior pun skills.

Speaking on canon, I should do another Tough Cop comic... he is my fave.