Hourly Comics Day 2024

Hey again!! Don't worry, I'm sure in five years or so I'll get a hankering to do these again, but for now, I feel like it's nice to leave it here :3 I wanted to make sure I did at least ten years of these, and they were definitely a fun and eventful ten years. I published seven graphic novels and founded a games studio with my spouse Tony, releasing both Scarlet Hollow (up to episode 4, episode 5 is still in the works!) and Slay the Princess. I'm so happy that people have been enjoying what we've been putting out!!

And thank you so much to everyone who has followed my work through the years. I know it's changed a lot since I first started out, and I am so glad people have been interested in following me through all the weird turns my career has taken. Here's to another decade of strange projects!