Go Go Power Rangers!

The other day I saw some kids dressed up in these colors and stood there for a while trying to figure out why they seemed so familiar. Then I realized that they were the Power Rangers. Maybe they shouldn't wear corresponding colors JUST SAYIN.

I decided to re-watch some of those episodes.... they are so remarkably bad that they are truly works of art, sloppily stitching together Japanese fight sequences and awkward 90's teen dialogue spoken by some "teens" whose acting lessons were secondary to their ethnic diversity. My favorite is Billy, mostly because he seems like he really just doesn't want to be there (the actor, that is.) When someone was all "ZOMG JASON IS IN TRBLLRRL" he was just like "oooh nooo" in an almost sracastic tone. Also he is supposed to be the sience guy but what comes out of his mouth is beyond gibberish. I love him.