That Was Easy

For the full effect, please read the old man's voice in the most Southern Gentlemanly voice you can imagine.

So I posted this comic online the other day

Then I received this strange tweet from the renowned purveyor of Office Supplies, Staples:

Naurally, I sent them a DM. And they asked for my home address, which I gave them, because I do not fear death. Anyway I'm sure they'll soon send their representative to administer the Deal, and that's fine, people die all the time, it's totally fine. How did that story end anyway? I've only seen the movie and it kind of fell apart after the first few minutes. I'm sure it ended happily.

Anyway I'm sure this is exactly what they wanted me to do but that's too bad because I thought this was a fun idea for a comic, and if they've made a corporate shill out of me, at least I get some sort of Office Supply out of it.