Toronto Visit

Dag nabbit, I should be able to walk into one of five whole stores and get a dang jacket that isn't gonna cost me a ridiculous sum (especially next to a whole row of smalls that are embarassingly cheap)!! And dont even try to tell me that they don't keep XL stock on the shelves because there aren't enough of us to warrant stocking for, because they sure as sugar had rows upon rows of extra smalls, and VERY few mediums or larges. And heaven forbid they start bringing in even 1Xs, or maybe stocking plus-sized clothing that isn't tacky as all hell. We get it! You think we're sub-human and should never leave our homes! Gee whiz rub it in some more why dont you

Anyway I am still pretty priviledged in this regard because XL is not too terribly uncommon, and depending on the city, I can find stuff that fits without having to buy from specialty online stores. But I wasn't always this fortunate, and many many people aren't, yet so many stores still reject this whole demographic of people who wanna dress cute >:0