House Hunting

I have been doing many comics about homes lately, it is all a coincidence

Anyway these are all based on experiences I have had while trying to find a home. When I'm on the hunt, even if I have months to find a place, I get super desperate and think every house I check out is The One and I will Never Find One This Good Again even if it's an actual closet with a musty futon on the floor. Or a leaky basement with no appliances at all and a clear mold issue. Or a house where I would be extremely unhappy living with the incorporeal floating baby monster roommates who would judge me constantly for being so unclean and fleshy.

Here's hoping I find a nice place in Boston where me and Spoons and Wednesday can all be happy! (PS, if you wanna look for places on Hard Mode, say you have a snake. They will say no 100% of the time)