Halloween Special: My Dad The Crime Reporter

It's that time again! My favorite time-- the Halloween time, and time for me to share with you another true creepy tale from my past. This is how my dad used to tell it to us, and it is....... aaalmost all the way true. You can read about Donald Leroy Evans on wikipedia! My dad did refuse to interview him and he did escape from jail not long after that, but apparently, my dad made up the call. My mom rushed us to a hotel for the night, anyway, as this dude tended to boast about killing little girls.

I hope you all enjoyed this creepy tale! And keep your eyes peeled this week for the premier of The Portrait of Sal Pullman, a short horror comic written by my pal Lonnie Nadler and illustrated by me. I'll link it here when it's completed, it is looking absolutely amazing.