Hospital Comix

I have returned from my seclusion! I was gone for many reasons, the topmost being my marvelous paleological trip to Saskatchewan, but also the fact that I had to move into a new place. And because of the subject in this comic. I had a tummy ache and it turned out to be an inch wide gallstone trying to squeeze its way out of my gallbadder. The extremely attractive (like for reaslies. Felt like I was in a hopsital soap) quebecois doctors also said there were a bunch of other gallstones waiting in the wings, so it was best to chuck the whole thing. This was about two weeks before I was supposed to go to Saskatchewan to hike and dig up dinosaurs, and I was supposed to move all my shit to a new house which I hadn't even found yet within the next week, so it was comical timing. Good one, gallbladder. You really got me there.

I'm really sad that I couldn't keep my gallbladder. I've always wanted my own desk organ :(   I guess I can always try again with tonsils and appendix!

Also that mysterious female character is my sister, who has been staying with me like all summer.