How To Dig Up Dinosaurs II

I tried to knock out the rest of it in one week, but that just wasn't happening! So there is going to be at least one more part. 

Trying to capture the beauty of the grasslands is kinda hard to do with just hatching. Hopefully it isn't too confusing to look at! And it case it isn;t obvious, pronghorn are antelope endemic to North American prairies.

Also, I think I was the worst person on this field course. I was always freaking out about heights and I was the absolute slowest. I'd like to think it was mostly due to having had abdominal surgery a couple weeks before, and not because I am actually that shitty at walking. I was advised not to go on the course due to that whole surgery thing but I was having NONE OF THAT. My wound kinda got infected during the trip but I didn't die so it's oookay

Oh wait maybe I should include that in the comic...?