Strange Things I Have Eaten

In case that bit with the hot glue is confusing to anyone, just know that apparently the heat of a human body combined with the stress of teh digestion process is enought to activate the glue.

When one reads this comic, one might think "oh these must have happened when you were much younger and didn't know any better" but no, these were all at ages that I should have realized maybe putting someone else's hair down my throat was not a normal thing to do, even when dared. I've also eaten countless sheets of paper and easily chewed plastics because I have pica.

The nailclippers was a very strange experience. I didn't include the whole story but maybe I should do a comic just about that for next week, because my mom is in it and she's the best. I still don't really know how the nailclippers got in my mouth. I must have put them there for whatever reason. You know, how peple usually put nailclippers in their mouths, or anywhere near their mouths.

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