Tupper Ware Remix Party

This is a real band. They are from outer space and they are called Tupper Ware Remix Party and this is their website: http://twrplive.com

They were just playing on the street one night and we happened across them and they pelvic thrusted their way into our hearts. It was love at first high-kick. They are the Power Rangers of badass space rock. Yes, that is a pylon on that guy's head.

Not only are they insurmountably beautiful, but their music kicks ass. Everyone I know needs to love this band and spread the fun. Also, I totally colored this in with my touchpad, and there would have been more color and zazz if not for that. Someday when I have money I will go back and remaster this comic. I know this is a Tuesday and I usually update on Wednesdays, but they are leaving Montreal tomorrow and I have to know where they are playing tonight so I am going to use this to hopefully score me and my five BFF's a tip as to where and when.

Also, you can ask the pylon guy, Doctor Sung, all about his space adventures at http://doctorsungsinfinitewisdom.tumblr.com/